Ecological Restoration Sept 21 & 23

Dear Friends of the Broughton Nature Preserve,

We will continue our important native seed collecting this week.  This is a great way to spend a few hours out of doors, among native  plants and grasses and friendly folks.  The work is easy and fun.

(Bring a pair of hand clippers if you have one.)

Thursday:  1-3 PM.  Butterfly Pollinator Habitat.

Saturday:  2-4 PM.  GWB Complex #3.

On Thursday there is some very nice seed to collect at the Butterfly Habitat along the Devola Multi-use path–enter right off Highway #60 at the George Broughton Farm entrance.  We will park near the pollinator habitat.  If you haven’t seen it recently it has been blooming with many late summer and fall natives! (Asters, goldenrods)   We will be collecting seed from early summer plants like bee balm/wild bergamot, virginia rye, purple coneflower, and black-eyed susan.

On Saturday, we will go back to collecting seed along the right of way above GWB Complex #3.  (Directions below.)

Hope to see you!

Mark Krivchenia 224.545.1604

Directions to GWB Complex #3:


  1. Enter the GWB Complex #3 off State Route 821.  It is the complex nearest the entrance/exit off of Interstate 77.
  2. Go up the hill to the first set of buildings.  Turn left.
  3. Proceed all the way to the end of these buildings.  Before you head down to the pond, turn right, and go all the way up the hill.  The road will take you past all of the buildings.  The road up the hill is a gravel road.
  4. Parking is on top of this hill.

Mark Krivchenia

Broughton Nature Preserve, Steward

Friends of the Ohio River Islands National Wildlife Refuge, President

Society of Ecological Restoration, Midwest Great Lakes Chapter, Board Member

“Be joyful though you have considered all of the facts” (Wendell Berry)