The ESB building is located at the main entrance, just across from the pavilion, in the activity center of the Broughton Nature and Wildlife Education Area. To reserve the building, call Debbie @ 740-374-9396.

The building is designed for meetings, presentations, training, and social events. It will have a kitchen for food brought in by users and caterers.

About the Building

Site prep was completed and footers were poured for the Elizabeth Sugden Broughton Community Building in late Fall of 2018. Thanks to the team at Morton Buildings, local engineers, contractors and advisors, the building will be ready to host events in July 2019. It will be formally dedicated in September 2019. This is the latest and largest building project undertaken by The Broughton Foundation.

Our Foundation is proud to have been active in the community since 1991. It has been our honor to be associated with projects that contribute to economic development and to the quality of life in our community, but the Foundation’s fundamental purpose is the development and maintenance of the Broughton Nature and Wildlife Education Area for education, recreation and environmental study.

As our features and facilities developed to date have been entirely outdoor, we see the greatest usage in spring, summer and fall. But that is about to change. While frozen ponds and cold winds reduce outdoor participation, the new community building provides an indoor/outdoor setting for year-round use. 

We hope it will become a popular venue for nonprofit organizations, schools, governments, social activities, events and commercial users year round. Fees will be used entirely for maintenance and further development of a facility we believe will be a great asset to our community.

It is a bit too soon to take reservations for the ESB Community Building, but we are happy to answer your questions and perhaps pencil in a few events. 

Anyone wishing to help defray maintenance and development costs for the Elizabeth Sugden Broughton Community Building with a tax-deductible financial gift can send it to the Marietta Community Foundation marked “ESB Building.” Contributions in kind are also appreciated.