Join us at an open house to learn about stewardship at the Broughton Nature Preserve….

Sunday Oct. 9—1-3 PM at the open picnic area next to the Community Center


  • Welcome and brief history of the Broughton Nature Preserve (George Broughton)
  • Review the native ecosystems at the preserves.
  • What is ecological restoration; what does that look like at the Preserve?
  • Hike to view areas we will focus our restoration work.

Our goal is to create a community of volunteer stewards at the Preserve to restore and maintain the native landscapes on the Preserve.  

What we will do:

  • Remove invasive plants from the natural areas of the Preserve.
  • Collect native seeds to plant/restore native plants on the Preserve.
  • Maintain the native prairie planting at the Preserve.
  • Address problems like erosion of streams and trails. 
  • Have regular restoration workdays throughout the year.
  • Lead volunteers wanting to help maintain the natural beauty of the Preserve.  

What stewards will learn:

  • The native plants (grasses, sedges, flowering plants, shrubs and trees) and ecosystems of the Preserve.
  • How to identify and successfully remove invasive plants.
  • How to identify and collect native seeds, and how to propagate them in the areas we restore.  
Contact Mark Krivchenia: or 224.545.1604