HIKERS MAY SEE AEP SURVEY CREWS AND TREE-TRIMMING TEAMS ON THE POWERLINE PORTION OF THE RED TRAIL while the power company widens the currently cleared 60’ wide path to a 100’ right-of-way. The right-of-way will be comprised of a natural grass strip from edge to edge with a 10’ all-weather stone access road in the center. The road also acts as a safety feature to help reduce the chance of fire from overhead electric wires. The improved right-of-way will include some new plantings. This project also includes a major upgrade to the power lines.

Please maintain a safe distance from the workers as they trim trees, remove trees and brush, install the stone access road, and upgrade the lines.

Broughton Trails

The power line parallels State Route 821 through the Eastern part of the Park between GWB Complex 1 and GWB Complexes 2 & 3. See the maps on our website. The Broughton Foundation and Broughton Commercial Properties, LLC have a very good working relationship with AEP. This relationship benefits Park users as well as local AEP customers by making it more efficient for the company to maintain and improve its transmission system.

The sequence of photos below shows the PowerLine section of the Red Trail from North to South, starting at the top of the ridge above GWB Complexes 2 and 3, as it appeared in the summer of 2017.