Friends of the Broughton Nature Preserve…
This Saturday, from 1-4PM, we will be processing the over 60 species of native seeds that we have collected into native seed mixes.  Later in the season, we will sow these seeds in the areas we have or will be restoring over the next year.
We will be meeting at GWB Complex 1, Building #1.  Park in the community center parking lot.  The entrance to Complex #1 is right off of Rt. 821 as you are leaving Marietta.
We will do some training for the first 30 minutes of the workday (~1PM).  Come learn the why and how of native seed collecting, processing and sowing!
We will be making seed mixes for pollinators habitats/Right of Ways/grasslands, woodland edges, and pond edges/wet meadows.
Bring a snack to share as we will want to celebrate our first fall of collecting native seeds for our local natural areas!
Questions?  Call, text or e-mail me.
Mark Krivchenia, Broughton Nature Preserve, Steward
A  PDF list of seeds we have collected over the past summer/fall season is below.
Seeds Collected 2022