Dear Friends of the Broughton Nature Preserve,
We will do more seed collecting this Thursday, from 1-3PM.
We will be collecting seed on the Broughton Nature Preserve Right of Way.  There are many wonderful native grasses and forbs (flowering plants) we should be able to gather.
We will be meeting above the G3 Complex off 821.   Note:  this is hilly terrain, but there are many relatively easy areas to collect seed as well.
Here are the directions:
1.  Enter the G3 complex off of Rt. 821.
2.  Turn left once you reach the building complexes, and drive through towards the pond/shelter.
3.  Turn right before heading down towards to the pond and go all the way to the top of the hill.
There is parking at the very top.
Hope to see you there!
Mark Krivchenia