Seed Collecting Activity

Volunteer stewards will again be collecting native seeds on the Broughton Nature Preserve Right of Way (ROW)  Friday 1-3PM.
Directions:  Meet at the top of GB Complex #3.
1.  Enter off 821.
2.  Go up the hill to the first set of buildings.
3.  Turn left.  Go towards the pond.
4.  Instead of going down to the pond, turn right and head all the way up the hill!  There is parking up top.
Call Mark if you get lost. Might be hard to find the first time you try.
Please invite others who might be interested!
The stewards had great success collecting seed last Thursday:  brown and black-eyeds susan, Indian grass, Switchgrass, purple and grey-headed coneflower, and a few others.
Mark Krivchenia at or 224.545.1604.
NOTE: Volunteer stewards have been collecting seeds from many native grasses and forbs (flowering plants) at the Broughton Nature and Wildlife Education Area. This community of volunteer stewards will work to restore and maintain the native landscapes on the Preserve. By applying principles of ecological restoration, seeds can be used to repair damaged areas of our natural ecosystems and/or return them to their original states.