Thanks to a grant of $149,120 from Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) and the generosity of several local donors, the Devola Multi-Use Trail (DMUT) is now about 85% complete. If the weather is favorable, the 1.1 mile trail may be finished by the first of next year. The Recreational Trails sign shown here will mark the DMUT.

The Trail will be wide enough to accommodate walkers, runners, bicyclists, strollers and such quite comfortably. The trail is 10 feet wide. The West bridge is the same width as the trail, but the east bridge will be 12 feet wide when completed.

Local contributions have been made by the Marietta Rowing and Cycling Club, the Creating Healthy Communities Program of the Washington County Health Department, the Marietta Community Foundation, the Sisters Health Foundation, Dr. Zane Lazer, Dynergy and others. The Recreational Trails sign was donated by Discount Signs & Awnings.

The land on which the trail is being constructed was made available by George and Nancy Broughton.

The Devola Multi-Use Trail committee is planning a public meeting and celebration of the completion of the project in spring of 2018.

There are nice articles about the Trail and the Devola community in the October 28-29, 2017 edition of The Marietta Times.