Supporters and managers of the Broughton Nature and WILDLIFE EDUCATION Area say Thank You! to Janelle Patterson and The Marietta Times for today’s piece, “ODNR: Watch out for copperheads.”

GWB was quoted in the article:

“I’ve lived on this farm all my life but haven’t had anyone bit until this weekend. We wanted to get the word out too, so people watch where they’re walking and know these snakes are out there and don’t like human contact.”

“We want to remind people that our trails are not city parks, this is a wildlife refuge, too. We have coyotes, and bobcats and water snakes, and while we keep the cross-country route and the multi-use trail mowed to keep down ticks, up in our wooded areas those single tracks can cross paths with animals.”

Please pick up a copy of today’s paper to get the full story.