Battelle is conducting disease surveillance in flying squirrel ectoparasites in the Broughton Nature and Wildlife Education Area.

According to one of the Battelle Bioscience Center biologists, “Ectoparasite samples, including but not limited to lice, fleas, and ticks, will be collected from the flying squirrel nest boxes through a removable faux fur lining. Linings will be placed in sealed containers and returned to Battelle research labs.”

Battle contacted George Broughton, President of The Broughton Foundation, earlier this year. Nesting boxes were then installed near the end of February. Facing each nesting box is a trail cam. The nesting boxes and cameras will remain in place till the end of May or early June. 

Broughton stewards have volunteered to help keep tabs on the boxes. 

If you see any of these boxes and notice any damage, please report it to the Foundation office. Thank you for helping the Foundation and Battelle with this research. 

A map of the locations of the boxes and their GPS coordinates are below: