Hot Weather Tips

With air temps in the mid-upper 90s in the forecast, keep in mind that ASPHALT CAN BE 40-60ºF HOTTER THAN AIR TEMPERATURE. If the air temp is 95º, shoes, pet pads and bike tires will experience pavement temps of up to 155ºF. Please protect yourself, your family and...

Dog Policy

Just a reminder that all dogs must be leashed in the park for the safety of all concerned!

Times Prints Update

Thank you Michael Kelly and Marietta Times for your interest in our progress. Read all about it in the paper published Saturday, June 1st, pages B1 & B4.

Dragonflies are Back!

See the world from new perspectives — use your smart phone camera to capture and upload images of all living things in our Park to iNaturalist. By doing so, you will participate in a survey of our 800-acre nature and wildlife education area. Visit the iNaturalist page...