As part of the AEP project to widen and improve the right-of-way on the powerline portion of the Red Trail in the Broughton Nature and Wildlife Education Area and parts of the Rudolph Farms trail system, a team of professionals have proposed two seed mixes to Mary Broughton and Ruth Broughton, Co-Chairs of the Foundation’s Planting Committee and George Broughton, President of the Foundation.

Mary, Ruth and their committee oversee the preparation of grounds and the planting of seeds and live plants throughout the Wildlife Area. Their goal is to maintain a mix of native plants and appropriate habitat for wildlife while allowing other mixes more suitable for recreation areas, ponds, around parking areas, walkways and so forth.

The slope stabilization mix is a blend of native prairie grasses, rushes and sages, as well as some oat, rye and various flowers and forbs. The Mesic Mix would be sewn on the flat areas and especially the designated areas. It doesn’t have all the grasses and is heavier on flowers and forbs.

These mixes are used in combination throughout the Broughton Commercial Properties campuses and the Broughton Nature and Wildlife Education Area. The terrain of the Rudolph Farms acreage dictates that the slope mix be used almost exclusively.

Proposed seed mixes are below.