Hunter Hutchison, age 15, did something very nice for everyone who uses the Broughton Nature and Wildlife Education Area and we think he deserves some recognition. 

A member of Boy Scoot Troop 200 in Reno, his goal was to complete his Eagle project before he was 16 and he is well on his way to realizing that goal. In fall of 2015 Hunter installed outdoor furniture and signage at “The Park” as part of his Eagle Scout project. Now that the fixtures have been placed, Hunter has only to complete his paperwork and stand for a board of review before all is approved. If all goes well, he hopes to receive his Eagle award by March of 2016 when he turns 16.

Hunter is a sophomore at Marietta High School and is a member of the boys basketball team. His Boy Scout Troop meets in Reno at Sandhill UM Church where he is also a member.

His work is featured on this page. From the smiles on the faces of Hunter and his friends, it’s clear to us that this was a very satisfying project for all! Hunter is in the center of the photo wearing a yellow Eagle t-shirt.

The bench is located near the pond and trail entrance behind Broughton Commercial Properties Complex 3 where the group photo was taken. Settees and signage are located near the parking area and the main entrance to the trails.