Multi-Users and Uses!

Not sure if you’re coming or going? No worries! Go BOTH ways on the Devola Multi-Use Trail. The variety of users and their respective preferred uses make it a great success!

Safe Environment for Meetings and Events!

The spacious and flexible features of the Elizabeth Sugden Broughton Community Building make it the perfect venue for safe, socially-distanced meetings and events. In its large open area, the Community Building can safely and comfortably seat 48 people at 24 round...

Summer 2020 Through The Eyes Of A Visitor

A young man summering with an aunt and uncle while serving an internship spent some time exploring The Park and snapping photos, including the image displayed at right. See all images in the Summer 2020 Exposé. SMILE!

See Something?

If you see something, share something! We hear tales of encounters with wildlife in the Park. If you can get a photo, please pass it along. You can also use the iNaturalist app to identify the plants, fishes, reptiles, mammals, birds, mollusks, amphibians, arachnids,...